Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Jewellery haul + Make-up review~

Right, with the internet as my witness, I solemnly vow to not spend any more money unnecessarily. Honestly, I think I have a real problem; I'm turning into whatsherface from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'!  But my craziness aside, time to reveal the stuff!

I have, since FOREVER, loved rings, and I know that there's already a post a while back showing a bunch of rings that I bought, but let's just ignore that for now...

I bought all of these from various eBay stores, all based in China, so had to wait approximately a month before I got all of them. I think they were all 99p, but I'm not sure... something like that. Out of all of them, I'd have to say the eternity symbol one is my favourite, because it feels to most well made. The 'free' ring on the far right is close second, as it fits really well and has a nicer tone than the other one so yeah. Nothing's tarnished or made my fingers go green yet, so as far as I'm concerned, so far so good!

I'm a little ashamed of this purchase, as it just proves that I can't escape the power of trends. Perhaps not so much this season, but quite recently jewelled cat ears had become quite a thing, probably thanks to people like Pixie Lott. I resisted for ages but then couldn't help myself and bought one off eBay. I mean, it was only £1-£2, so not much damage finance-wise. As it was coming to me from overseas, there was an obvious risk of damage along the way, and true enough, it arrived with an ear snapped off. Thankfully though, at no extra charge I was sent another, which thankfully arrived in one piece, so yay!  Despite what some might think, though it was bought from some random Chinese eBay store, the quality is not far behind that of Topshop or any other UK high street brand, so I'm quite pleased with myself. That's a good £6-ish I saved!

Now the make-up!

(left to right: 'Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate' in shade 04, 'Sleek True Colour' in Mulberry sheen, 'Sleek True Colour' in Vamp matte)

Last time it was eyeliners and mascaras and now it's lipsticks. Oh deary me, what next. I'm kind of annoyed as my skin tone greatly limits which shades suit me. My mother is fairer than me and she can pull of quite a variety, ranging from beige to brown to bright red to dark red. So not fair. So for the past year roughly, I have been on an epic quest to find the perfect lipstick for me at an affordable price. Sadly, I failed, so had to turn to 'real' brands for the answer. Actually, I lie, I found nice shades, but the quality was so bad that it always smudged onto my teeth or didn't spread nicely and basically looked like I just got a paintbrush and smeared some colour onto my lips. Badly. but then what did i expect from £2 lipsticks

ANYWAY, moving on, let's start with the cheaper one. I got the 'Sleek True Colour Lipstick' in two different shades: Mulberry (sheen) and Vamp (matte), both at £4.99. The quality of these lipsticks is really good and the colour lasts for practically the whole day. While I don't have a preference between the two, combining them makes a really lovely in-between colour that's not too sheen-y or too matte, which is, to me, just right. The variety of shades for this lipstick is huge and, as one of the cheaper options out there, is definitely worth a go. The 'Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate' lipstick, though not much more expensive at £5.49, felt a tad too pricey to me (i think it's all psychological), but I'd been wanting to try it out for a while so decided as a last splash to just go for it. I got shade number 04 and am very happy with it. It's a little lighter than the Sleek Mulberry lipstick, but is almost matte, so saves the hassle of having to combine lipsticks for the effect. Overall I'd say that though the variety is less than what Sleek has to offer, the Rimmel lipsticks are absolutely lovely and are true to their name (i.e. long lasting), so also worth a go.

And so ends another blog post. Hopefully I'll be able to stick to my earlier vow and the posts for the rest of the year will not be featuring any more hauls. My poor pocket can only take so much!

PS.: too much writing? if so, let me know with a comment so i know to fix that!
PPS.: i would have annotated the swatch images like last time with the eyeliners, but i have super limited internet so couldn't get on to the manipulation site. sad times.
PPPS.: haha! was too lazy to proof-read and just spotted a note i forgot to take out! it's fixed now, (though i'm sure many already spotted it) but silly me... xD