Friday, 4 April 2014

"Coz every night I have to say, goodbye..."~

Disclaimer: This isn't really a gig review, but rather some disjointed and sappy drivel partially about the gig but not entirely which would probably be better suited on my Livejournal, but whatever, let's ignore that and make this an exception. I'd like to think a little variety is always good. ;]

"Elliot Minor aren't that good." -April 2008

Back in 2007 when I first stumbled upon this band I had no idea how much they would come to mean to me. Even when I was already starting to fall hard for them I was persistant in dismissing them as a brief phase which I would only indulge in due to convenience at the time. Fast forward 7 years and 17 gigs and I find myself repeatedly cringing at the words above which I so harshly wrote in an early gig review which once featured on my MySpace (and it was actually a postive one at that!). No, I suppose they aren't technically impressive in the same way a band like Dream Theater is or anywhere near as history making as a band like Queen, but somehow they have cemented for themselves a place deep within my heart and really, that's all that actually matters, right?

Last weekend they played their '#EMonemoretime' shows in London by way of a final hurrah after almost 4 years on hiatus. I was only able to attend the second night of three (29.03.2014) due to limited funds and what-not, and while the show wasn't particularly grand or awe-inspiring or flawless even (you'd think 3 months would be enough time to re-learn the lyrics to a few songs), it still stirred something in me. I felt a sense of sentimentality I was sure I had forced out of myself at least in the last year and for a while I allowed myself to bask in blissful nostalgia. No, I didn't suddenly feel like a screaming teenage fangirl again, but I did find myself unintentionally smiling like an idiot every now and then throughout the night.

The setlist itself was mediocre, consisting of all the typical numbers and the intimate venue meant that there was very limited special effects (in fact, there was only one very cheeky smoke machine). Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, it was just a simple, raw gig, ideal for fans to appreciate the music without distraction.

[i know i shouldn't be blaming my inadequate photography on anything but my own lack of skill, but seriously, the lighting in the underworld sucks. way too much red and not enough lighting on anywhere other than center-stage.]

Whether or not this is truly the end for Elliot Minor remains to be seen. I for one, among many others I'm sure, have my doubts, especially seeing as how I recall overhearing just last summer Alex stating that they would never reform and now they're suddenly saying "maybe, you never know!". I've had a lot of happy and interesting memories and experiences over the years with these guys to thank as cause and source and regardless of what the future holds for EM, all I can say is that I am proud to have been a part of their history as a dedicated fan, and even though they randomly unfollowed me on Twitter for no good reason, I wish them all the best with whatever they decide. 

-watching a good portion of the show surrounded by thick smoke; ed m. was literally less than 2 metres in front of me and i swear i couldn't even see him! awesome! (note the heavy sarcasm)*
-finally getting to hear 'parallel worlds' as the closing song of the set once more (where it belongs, btw)
-having a fairly decent view of dan and ali, which has only happened for me once, maybe twice, before
-the first words spoken to me by ed m. being "i definitely remember you!", despite having not seen me in over 3 years and me not prompting for such a comment. seriously, what stupid thing did i do for such notoriety? i was too shocked and worried to ask at the time...**
-drunk brian leaving teeth marks in my skull and then suddenly swinging me around despite my usual utter dislike for my feet leaving the ground without warning
-getting to, only for the 6th time surprisingly, have a complete set of photos with the band, thus, meaning that i actually got to have one-on-one time with everyone, brief and chaotic as it was

 ... and finally...
Alex Davies (vocals, guitar), Ali Paul (keyboard), Dan Hetherton (drums), Ed Minton (vocals, guitar), Ed 'Teddy' Hetherton (bass), 
and Brian 'Puke' Parnell (guitar tech dude)

*not a complaint by the way, i was amused more than anything, though it did make taking decent photos near damn impossible...
**also not a complaint. in fact, i was and still am rather flattered. it's not every day an attractive (and, i suppose, somewhat famous) male vaguely acknowledges and recognises me, especially after such passing of time... xD

PS.: yes, i know the '2014' is slightly off-center, but i only noticed after i'd closed the photo editing site and could not be bothered to have to start again from scratch!
PPS.: just as a 'fun fact' the photos from 2008 and 2010 were taken in birmingham and oxford, respectively
PPPS.: and yes, i do realise that the title of this post is just sooo cheesy, but it had to be done! for those of you who don't know, it's a line taken from an elliot minor song called 'last call to new york city'.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

All the difference~

Top - The East End Thrift Store
Shorts - Topshop
Tights - F&F @ Tesco
Boots - New Look (currently on sale!)

*sigh* If only my hair always looked this bouncy and interesting, but alas, most of the time it's just sucky and flat. If anyone knows of any hair products to help with this issue, please share! Hair talk aside, this was taken just yesterday actually before I went to a gig. Like the last OOTD post I did before a gig, this was in Camden Town, only this time I was seeing one of the most precious bands to me to have ever existed, Elliot Minor, but more on that in a later post (you have been warned!).

It might have been a little bit silly of me to break in my new New Look boots (bought on sale in-store for £10! that's a 75% discount!) on a day where I would end up being on my feet for a good 12 hours+, but then I'm sure my feet would have been aching regardless of my choice of footwear. They are, otherwise, quite comfortable and I'm way happy with this bargain! This was also my first time wearing this shirt which I bought for the steal of £1, which is also a sweet deal. It's a size large though, so it fits a little weirdly on me, but eh, oversized is a style that's been growing on me recently.

Lastly, not that it's super clear in the pics, but I attempted (and succeeded for the first time ever!) doing winged eyeliner just as something different, and though it took me 40 minutes in total to get it looking decent and somewhat even, but it really does make such a difference to my look that I think I may need to invest in spending more time practicing!

-Philippa. x

PS.: click the second photo to go directly to the corresponding post!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

MUA Nail Polish review - pastels edition!~

I've got to say, cheap as I am, I am not a huge fan of MUA. I once bought their eyeliner pen and mascara and the quality was so bad that I swore never to buy their products again. However, being as poor as I am, I decided to give them one last chance, especially as I've suddenly become quite desperate to try out this season's hottest craze - pastels.

 MUA Nail Polish in 'Pistachio Ice Cream' and 'Frozen Yoghurt' - £1 each

I've been lusting after all things mint and lilac recently and £1 each from Superdrug, I was hardly worried about breaking the bank with these, even if they turned out to be totally crap. Thankfully, however, MUA's nail products appear to be an improvement over their eye products. The application isn't all that great, but after 2 coats this super cheap nail polish looks like any other nail polish out there, so at least that's good. I haven't tried on the 'Frozen Yoghurt' shade yet, but I must say I'm quite happy with how 'Pistachio Ice Cream' turned out.

There's also a fair selection of colours to choose from, so previous qualms aside I might even be tempted to buy a couple more shades in the future...

Okay, I realise that this is probably really confusing given what I just said a few sentences ago, but the picture directly above this text is NOT of the MUA 'Frozen Yoghurt' shade, but actually Barry M's 'Berry Ice Cream' shade. My friend bought this when I bought the MUA nail polishes and I really wanted to try it out, so yeah, there you have it. It's a cute shade and the application is quite decent (still doesn't beat KIKO though), but I've gotta say, even though it's £1.99 more expensive than the MUA nail polishes you really can't tell the difference. Amazing!

Well, I guess that's all for now. Hopefully I'll be able to get an OOTD post up soon rather than a bunch of wishlists and nail posts like I've been doing recently, but until then, I suppose!

-Philippa. x

PS.: sorry about all the funny lighting. i tried to get a consistent colouring for the nail polish, but it just wasn't happening. =/ 

Friday, 7 March 2014

MAJOR MOTEL MADNESS! a.k.a. Super Sample Sale haul~

If Motel Rocks ever opens a store in London, I totes get dibs on a job as their star salesperson. ;D

'Jokes' aside, I recently had the pleasure of once again assisting the London Motel team with running the recent sample sale and let me just say, being surrounded by all that Motel goodness with all the credits I earned, I seriously felt like a kid in a candy store and here is what I got with said credit!:

TALK ABOUT A MEGA-HAUL, RIGHT?! Sadly, due to lack of space and botheredness, I couldn't take clearer pictures of the clothes without them coming out looking like blah eBay photos, so this is as good as it's gonna get. Soz. IF that is such a bother, however, listed below (in roughly clockwise order) are all the deets of the above clothes so you can go and easily Google them for better photos, should you wish to:

Pearl Dress in Mighty Criss Cross (RRP £42 - SSP* £15) // Kadie Skirt in Magenta (RRP £25 - SSP £5) // Sunstone Bikini in Cosmic (RRP £35 - SSP £5) // Lapis Bikini in Harlequin (RRP £35 - SSP £5) // Louski Dress in Black Mesh (RRP £25 - SSP £15) // Nessy Dress in Black Spandex (RRP £38 - SSP £15) // Aleka Skirt in Black (RRP £29 - SSP £5) // Mademoiselle Dress in Tiger Rose (RRP £38 - SSP £15) // Peridot Swimsuit in Black (RRP £35 - SSP £5) // Deborah Studded Sleeve Dress (RRP £32 - SSP £15) // Bernice Bralet in Purple Lace (RRP £35 - SSP £5) = TOTAL VALUE OF £340!!

Haha, totes looks like I just bought a whole new wardrobe... and believe it or not, this isn't even everything, BUT, I decided to not include the other stuffs as they weren't for me, so yeah. Oh, actually, there is ONE more thing I got for myself and it also just so happens to be my favourite of the lot! Behold the beauty (contrasted by my hideousness, but whatevs) of the 'Honey Fluffy Cardigan in Purple' (RRP £52 - SSP £15)!

EDIT!: So, feeling all excited about the relaxing weekend ahead of me I TOTALLY forgot that I was to be working again on Monday (clearing up post-sample sale) and so would therefore be getting more stuff! It's not all that much, but I felt it would be a shame not to include them in this post as well, so here they are, the final pieces!

Yoko Dress (RRP £42 - SSP £15) // Maggie Top in Japanese (RRP £25 - SSP £5) // Grace Studded Dress (RRP £45 - SSP £15) ... making the actual total value about £452!! Mind blown much?!

Miss the sample sale? Can't wait for the next one? Worry not, for with the code below you too are able to get a rad discount on your Motel purchases, so you're welcome! xD

In other news, whilst working at the sample sale, I was interviewed by Motel, apparently, for an upcoming street team feature on their blog - how exciting! I'll admit, my answers were wayyy lame, but still, it did feel kind of cool to even get asked in the first place, so yay for that at least! I'll probs tweet the link to it if/when it comes out, so keep your eyes peeled!

Anyway, that's all for now, I guess. Hopefully there won't be SUCH a long gap between this and my next post, but we'll just have to see how things go, I suppose... but yeah, bye for nowww!

-Philippa. x

*SSP = sample sale price

PS.: before anyone looks at all the stuff and thinks 'hey! maybe i should volunteer next time too and get loads of goodies!' or 'that's so not fair that you get all of that without really paying for it!', just know that this was the product of over 24 hours of repeatedly organising rails of clothes, repeatedly picking up clothes off the floor and re-hanging them, carrying very heavy piles of clothes up and down stairs and being on my feet for a good majority of the time - all within the space of 3 days. it was a lot of hard work and i am absolutely shattered, not to mention the fact that i was aching so much after the first day that when i got out of bed the next morning i immediately collapsed, so please consider that before remarking either of the aforementioned comments.
PPS.: that is not to say you shouldn't volunteer, given the chance - go for it! but just don't let your lust for piles and piles of yummy motel clothes make you sign up for more than what's good for you! ;D