Friday, 20 April 2018

Stuff I don’t wear enough! ~Jewellery Edition~

Thankfully, there isn’t a lot to mention in this post, because thing is, I’ve accumulated a lot of jewellery over the last few years and it would be a crying shame if most of it ended up neglected in a drawer. However, a few pieces have fallen victim to such a sad fate and so I figured it was time to give them the spotlight (at least briefly) before they are once again condemned to the darkness… (lol, dramatic much?) 

Let's start with the rings:

River Song Faux Snow Opal Ring by Shop Dixi
Excalibur Amethyst Ring by Shop Dixi

So, even without these two I already have quite a few rings from Shop Dixi. Which then begs the question: ‘umm, if you have so many and never wear these ones, then why did you even bother wasting money on them in the first place?’. Well, dear critical reader, that is an excellent question, except… did you see the rings?? They’re so freaking gorgeous! Particularly the snow opal one, UGH, it is such a beauty! Sadly though, seeing as it is quite the statement piece (compared to all my other rings, that is) and as I don’t ever have an occasion these days to be, well, making statements, it just sits around, very neglected but never forgotten. Sigh.

As for the other ring, well… it’s not just a matter of having no occasion to wear it, but also due to the style of ring (wrap around) I find myself conflicted over whether or not I should be wearing it due to it maybe clashing too much with my very religiously worn wrap-around piece from Bloody Mary Metal (which can be vaguely seen in just about every ootd post i have…). Hmm… what do you think? Is it just me who’s making issues out of nothing?

Celeste Necklace by The Serpent's Club
(worn higher for photographing purposes, but actually falls somewhere around the boob/sternum area)

Oh my gosh I absolutely fell in love with this piece from The Serpent’s Club when I saw it being worn by the beautiful Olivia Emily and knew instantly that I just had to have it! However, as it is such a delicate and, once again, statement piece, I find it both difficult to find the occasion to wear it, and also the willingness to potentially bring it to harm. For example, the first and so far only time I did wear it was when I first got my hands on it, and what did I stupidly do? Knock it against a cupboard door. Well done, me. And while there doesn’t seem to be any damage, I’m just super paranoid, you know? It’s such a precious piece and I can’t bear to potentially put it in harm’s way!

Lovegood Choker by Black Moon Shop

I think this is the oldest piece out of all the ones I’ve featured in this post, which will then also mean that it is the most neglected piece of all, seeing as how I don’t think I’ve ever worn it. Wow. That’s terrible. Again, the issue is not really finding a good occasion for wearing it, which is stupid because I could so easily do an ootd with this at the forefront. Which in fact I might just do. Yeah, I think that’ll have to be the way to go, because it’s too pretty to be kept in hiding forever and there’s also no way I’m passing it on to anyone because not only is it no longer available, but it’s also one of the first presents I got for myself when I first started working way back when! Ah, nostalgia…

Lastly, we have this stunning choker by Regal Rose. Regal Rose has so many beautiful pieces that I'm always drooling over, but this ended up being the one I snatched up after much debate as I figured it would be easy to wear with a lot of outfits. Which is it. But, once again, I have that stupid issue of ‘but i want to protect it and keep it in pristine condition forever!’, which is stupid, because for reals, why then even bother buying pretty things like this in the first place?? I will say though, that I think out of all the pieces in this post this is the one that I’ve worn the most, which is good, but… still not good enough!!

Well there you have it. Bonafide evidence that I am very much a hoarder. Of pretty things. Of shiny things. So basically I’m a dragon. Or maybe a magpie... but I prefer dragon. 

I think I will try taking my own advice for once and at least strive to pull these out once in a while for ootd’s, though we’ll have to wait and see how that one goes. At least I’ve now shared them with the public so that maybe you all, my lovely readers, can call me out after, say, a year if I haven’t featured at least one of these jewels in another post!? Hopefully that won’t be necessary…
br />
And now lastly, as a bonus (which maybe i’ll tack on to the end of every post from now on?!), here’s a crappy selfie I took after playing around with KvD’s MetalMatte palette (see my earlier post about it here) and Kiko liquid lipstick! Enjoy! xD 

(yes, i know my lips are wonky, no need to further point it out... xP)

-Philippa. x

PS.: again, another wordy post! is everyone okay with this?? because i find it very hard to restrain myself from writing essays unless explicitly told not to... =/

Sunday, 4 March 2018


Can we get a bit deep and serious and what-not for a sec? Yeah? Cool? Great, let's go then!

Around the time leading up to my birthday I took some time to reflect upon the life choices which brought me to where I am today, and while I'm not exactly in a terrible place, I do regret wasting so much time procrastinating and being, simply put, a bit of a quitter. Because many years ago, when I was younger and even smaller than I am today, I had a dream that I was desperate to one day come true: to be a singer. And it wasn't a small, fleeting dream either. It was what caused me to spend just about the entirety of my teenage years fully determined to become a musician, from participating in choirs for over 10 years to forming bands and writing music, and even studying Music Technology during my A-levels.

I was so sure that that was going to be my future, that one day a friend and former bandmate of mine decided we should 'practice' what it would be like when we finally made it and made our own 'Songs That Change My Life' features, just like the ones that we would read regularly in Kerrang! magazine. It's been about 11 years since we made those and I'm just about 100% sure that they're lost somewhere in a probably long-since-disposed-of computer, so rather than hope to find those again and laugh at how adorably cute and cringey we once were, I commissioned a friend of mine to help me make an updated version to remind me of what had once meant the entire world to me, as well as to show me that my dream does not have to take a backseat and fade away. That this could still be my future one day, if only I take a page out of 15-year-old me's book and once again work my hardest to make this my reality.

Click to zoom - I know the writing is tiny! And a HUGE thanks to Ama for pulling this off! Just... how cool does that look?? Ahhhh!

Phew! So this has been quite an emotional journey for me. It has taken me so long to put this together, not just due to the sheer meticulousness of my dear friend Ama who deserves all the credit in the world for pulling off this amazing, near-authentic looking feature, but also because when you're sharing something so personal, you want to make sure that it comes out just right, you know?

Thank you for visiting my blog, this post, and for reading this far (you are awesome!) and I hope this has maybe inspired you to reminisce a little about your own childhood dreams. Did you achieve them? Do you still have the same dreams? Let me know!

-Philippa. x

PS.: oh, and in case the earlier links didn't make it glaringly obvious, go check out ama's page! now! she's super amazing! and clearly magic! go, go, go!!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Behind the scenes, she's such a tease... (bloopers!)~

Like the title suggests, consider this a behind-the-scenes / teaser / blooper reel for an upcoming post.

So, today is my birthday (yay me! i'm old!) and to mark the occasion falling on a Sunday (what is supposed to be my usual upload day) I was going to make an extra special post, BUT, turns out I was a little ambitious and it's not quite ready yet, SO, instead, here are some blooper pics from the shoot!

What. In. The. Heck. Oh em gee sooo cringe! Why am I showing these on the internet?! xP

... and an actual behind-the-scenes pic in which you can barely see the make-up look I did for the shoot. Thanks, front camera.

Okay, so not really very telling, particularly interesting, or a lot to go by, but hey, I wanted to make a post on my birthday, so boom!, mission accomplished! And yes, there were a LOT more bloopers I could have posted, but... I'm already so embarrassed over these, I don't think I could handle the shame of showing any others, so yeah... you can just imagine how bad those were...

Until next week!! ^^

-Philippa. x

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Often ill-prepared...~

Top - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Scarf - Miss Selfridge (<--- my favourite scarf!)
Necklace - Lovisa
Beanie - Tally Weijl
Boots - ASOS

Photo credit - Ama Charles-Adarkwa

So... welcome to my first OOTD of 2018! Woo!

I attempted to start the year looking a little more put together than usual, and I'm sure I would have almost pulled it off, had it not been severely raining during the shoot, thus, resulting in a sort of I'm-nuts-and-awkward-as-hell me instead. However, no hate on the outfit at all, the downfall is all my terrible posing!

Now, for the most part, I'm not typically a jeans/trousers kinda person. In fact, come to think about it, I'm pretty sure this will be my first OOTD featuring jeans! Well, I do love my shorts... 

There is something to be said about a good pair of black skinny jeans, however, in the sense that they are very easy to dress up or down, and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post I was going for a more put together, almost mature look, which is sometimes a bit tricky with shorts.

Do expect the shorts to be back in my next OOTD though! xD

-Philippa. x

PS.: mind the soft photos, btw; as i said, it was raining, plus we were kind of on a tight schedule, PLUS ama was holding a lot of things (including the umbrella to protect my precious camera!) whilst trying to shoot me being stupid, so yeah... sorry, not sorry?!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Let's Talk... Must-Have Lip Balms!~

Can one ever have too many lip balms? You tell me...

For a few years now I have been on a relentless quest to find the best lip balms out there to slather all over my extremely pathetically weak and delicate lips, and I believe after much searching, much travelling, much research and much, much spending, I have finally found them!

So, with that said, rather than talk about the insaaane collection of lip balms I have accumulated over the years, I will instead only be talking about my essential, cannot possibly live without, must-have lip balms (plus a couple of honourable mentions!) and without further ado, here we go!

Rose & Co. Rose Petal Lip Salve - £3.99 - via Superdrug
The Body Shop Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care - £4.50 - via The Body Shop
Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm - £0.99 - via Superdrug

Let's talk about the Rose & Co. one first. This, I first discovered a few years ago when ASOS was carrying them and I bought it as one of those little things to push your basket total just enough for free shipping. As it says literally on the tin it is 'the celebrated beauty balm' and while I had never heard of it until that moment, I have never regretted the purchase and have been singing its praises to anyone and everyone ever since! Need a balm that soothes, protects, moisturises, stays put for ages AND smells good? This is your winner. And at £3.99 for 20g? Bargain!

Next, The Body Shop. When I saw the words 'Heavy Duty Lip Care', I knew I had to try it out as when my lips get bad, they get BAD. While not as prettily packaged or as pleasant to smell, it certainly works as advertised, having helped bring my lips back from the cusp of flaky, cracking doom many times. It's not as slippery as other moisturising lip balms, but it seeps straight into the skin and gets to business better than just about any other, so despite its high price point, I just can't say no!

Lastly, an oldy but a goody, Nivea Hydro Care. I've tried a few Nivea lip products over the years, but this has been the only one I have gone back to time and time again. It may not be the fanciest lip balm Nivea has to offer, but regardless of its simplicity it is the perfect light, moisturising lip balm I have tried. Doesn't hurt that it's only 99p either! 

Aaand now for our honourable mentions!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy - £1.95 - via Superdrug / Boots
Nivea Raspberry Rosé Lip Butter - £1.50 - via Tesco

Of course, how could I make a lip balm list without mentioning Vaseline? Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of Vaseline, as there's something about the consistency I'm not too game with, but undeniably, the Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy in particular is a must-have, particularly for those of you who like a good, affordable lip balm that works. Plus, it works quite well in helping to remove stubborn lip products! My main gripe with this however, and the reason that this is only an honourable mention, is that the longevity in effectiveness isn't really there and after application it stays quite thick and slippery for too long (in my opinion). So yeah.

And to round it all off, another Nivea mention! With this, I've only had it for a little while, having purchased this just before Christmas, but so far I am LOVING what I am getting out of this little tin and while it might be a little too early to call it yet, it's feeling like this could become a must-have for me! And the smell? Oh my goodness, that alone was the reason I bought it, it's sooo yummy!

So there we have it! My first post of the year and damn, was it a wordy one! Hope this has been a helpful read and if anyone has any other suggestions of lip balms I just HAVE to try, give me a shout!

-Philippa. x

PS.: other honourable mentions not included in this post as i just could not bloody find them are chapstick medicated and a blistex one that i tried about 5 years ago, loved, lost and have never seen anywhere since. =(
PPS.: btw, yes, i do use / have used most of the lip balms in the first picture, minus the sealed ones obvs. i generally have at least one lip balm in every bag and jacket so that i can try out several at the same time to compare without too much bias.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

*insert excited squeals*... (KvD's MetalMatte palette!)~

I'm pretty sure I mentioned a while back that I was sooo lusting after this palette, and guess what... I FINALLY HAVE IT! OMG HOORAY!! xD*

It feels almost pointless talking about this palette now, seeing as how it has long since been discontinued due to it being a limited edition piece, but I'm gonna talk about it anyway, as a) it's awesome and I'm so excited to finally have it, b) it might help give a little insight into Kat's other eyeshadow palettes, and c) it technically might still exist?!

The MetalMatte palette was originally released via Sephora sometime late last year and reached the UK a couple of months later (i think around december maybe?). It was briefly available via Debenhams, but is no longer on sale online, though I will say, I have seen the palette still in their flagship store on Oxford Street recently...

The palette retailed at £50 and if you have a look at the size (thus, the macbook air for scale) and the amount of product you get in this thing, you'll see that it was actually quite the bargain! 

Beautiful, isn't it?**

As you can see, on the top is a row of Kat's Metal Crush eyeshadows (pretty sure this selection is exclusive to the palette, but other individual colours are available at debenhams!) and the bottom consists of matte shadows, hence, the palette's name. While I haven't played around with this palette very much, I will say from swatching previously in-store, swatching randomly over the last week and having tried it out for the first time earlier today... wow, this palette is flipping amazing!

(apologies for the funny lighting; i didn't have a lot of time and the sun was playing games with me!!)

The eyeshadows are super pigmented, easy to blend, and so far seem to be pretty long-wearing (i'm writing this after having worn these shadows for about 10 hours), and the selection covers so much ground that it feels nearly impossible to choose which colours to play with first!

Honestly, it might be early days, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say, if you love eyeshadow and happen upon this palette, don't hesitate, just snap it up immediately! And if this palette really is gone for good and never to be seen again, no worries, as KvD does have other palettes available that are (apparently) just as amazing! Goodness knows that I should be satisfied now that I have this bad boy, but silly me, I'm still chasing after the Shade and Light quad in 'Sage' too!! Help!

Philippa. x

*in case you're wondering, btw, i bought this via and had family send this over, as it was released a little later there so i had a little more time to snag it, SO, might be worth checking other international sephoras...?
**and might i also add that this thing is not light?! those are not some half-filled pans!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hide and seek...~

Dress - Dresslink
Belt - Boohoo
Harness - etsy (@modministrymerch)
Boots - Topshop

Photo credit - Mac Honeyman

This shoot was a weird one. Very weird.

I don't really know what possessed me to dress up like this, other than that it was really hot out and for some reason I put on wayyy too much make-up and so figured, why not go all out 'wtf'? Sure, it might not look all that crazy here, but let me tell you, it's the pics that didn't make the cut that tell the story of how this basic look was actually just that little bit too much! Maybe I'll post some in like a bloopers post one day...

However, I do like this outfit; the boots are my favourites, the dress is lovely and light (and the closest i'll ever get to owning a blackmilk piece, seeing as how it's a knock-off and all...) and the belt always makes me feel cool and feminine and super skinny, even though I'm totes not! ^^

AND, best of all, despite wearing all black, I was not completely roasting! Win! Still not sure about that hair though - what should I do?!? xP

Philippa. x