Thursday, 28 November 2013

Jess Nail Polish Review!~

Oooh, I've been a baaad girl, spending money I don't have! =O

But in all seriousness, the other day while I was in Poundland buying some essentials and what-not I spotted a display with LOADS of nail varnishes, all by an otherwise apparently non-existent brand (i have since tried and failed to find any trace of it on the internet), 'Jess Nail Polish'. The bottles, obviously, were £1 each, and with the insaaane variety of colours I couldn't help but give in and buy a couple of here they are!


The 'breathless' one is not nearly as blue as the picture shows and is closer to a silverish colour with a bronze and pink shimmer and only a slight light blue overall tone. For some reason it makes me think of unicorns.

The 'mystery' one looks pretty much like it does in the picture as it is in real life, so yeah...

Anyway, I tested them out on my friend Ama (my nails are currently atrocious and would only make you cry upon seeing them) to see if the colours would be as amazing on nails as they look in the bottles, and here are the results:

[Under yellow light]

[Under white light]

As you can see, the colours don't seem to match too terribly to how they look in the bottle pics, but I can assure you, in real-life, the results are quite pleasing.

'Breathless' was not quite what I was expecting, with the blue being very faint once applied onto nails and the pink and bronze becoming much more evident. My only issue is that it probably needs a base coat to go with it to make sure your tips of your nails (the whiteish bit) don't stick out from underneath, which is a bummer as I normally cba with a base coat.

'Mystery' is less green than it shows in the picture and in certain angles flashes a bit of purple, which is really nice, but upon first look is just a really pretty, dark metallic blue. It's actually pretty accurate to how it looks in the bottle, and after 2 coats is good to go without a base coat which is a total plus in my books!

Okay, well, that's the end of my review I guess. I really wanted to try out more colours, but lack of money means no chance for a while. Overall, though, it's good quality for something so cheap* and essentially 'unbranded', so yeah, I definitely recommend it to anyone who manages to find it! xD

-Philippa. x

*i forgot to mention somewhere that it dries quickly too! bonus!

Note: swatches shown (for both colours) are with 2 layers and no base or top coat.