Thursday, 28 November 2013

Jess Nail Polish Review!~

Oooh, I've been a baaad girl, spending money I don't have! =O

But in all seriousness, the other day while I was in Poundland buying some essentials and what-not I spotted a display with LOADS of nail varnishes, all by an otherwise apparently non-existent brand (i have since tried and failed to find any trace of it on the internet), 'Jess Nail Polish'. The bottles, obviously, were £1 each, and with the insaaane variety of colours I couldn't help but give in and buy a couple of here they are!


The 'breathless' one is not nearly as blue as the picture shows and is closer to a silverish colour with a bronze and pink shimmer and only a slight light blue overall tone. For some reason it makes me think of unicorns.

The 'mystery' one looks pretty much like it does in the picture as it is in real life, so yeah...

Anyway, I tested them out on my friend Ama (my nails are currently atrocious and would only make you cry upon seeing them) to see if the colours would be as amazing on nails as they look in the bottles, and here are the results:

[Under yellow light]

[Under white light]

As you can see, the colours don't seem to match too terribly to how they look in the bottle pics, but I can assure you, in real-life, the results are quite pleasing.

'Breathless' was not quite what I was expecting, with the blue being very faint once applied onto nails and the pink and bronze becoming much more evident. My only issue is that it probably needs a base coat to go with it to make sure your tips of your nails (the whiteish bit) don't stick out from underneath, which is a bummer as I normally cba with a base coat.

'Mystery' is less green than it shows in the picture and in certain angles flashes a bit of purple, which is really nice, but upon first look is just a really pretty, dark metallic blue. It's actually pretty accurate to how it looks in the bottle, and after 2 coats is good to go without a base coat which is a total plus in my books!

Okay, well, that's the end of my review I guess. I really wanted to try out more colours, but lack of money means no chance for a while. Overall, though, it's good quality for something so cheap* and essentially 'unbranded', so yeah, I definitely recommend it to anyone who manages to find it! xD

-Philippa. x

*i forgot to mention somewhere that it dries quickly too! bonus!

Note: swatches shown (for both colours) are with 2 layers and no base or top coat.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Almost Natural~

Dress [click!] - Motel Rocks
Top [click!] - Motel Rocks
Necklace - Accessorize
Tights - F&F @ Tesco

You know what's weird? I almost feel like I look photogenic, despite this being taken straight on rather than in profile or otherwise and without me making some ridiculous angle or whatever. In fact, also speaking of 'almost', the photo content itself is almost perfect... if only it weren't for that damned slightly upturned hemline!! Grr...

For the first time ever I took my OOTD photos using a self timer, and I've got to say, it was a lot of hard work. It probably didn't help that I can't pose for life and I forgot to put a marker on the floor to indicate where I'm supposed to stand and I kept on tripping on the tripod when checking on how the shots are going, thus, shifting the frame into disarray... yeah, lots of problems.

So in this look I'm wearing some of the wonderful goodies I got from a recent Motel Rocks sample sale [mentioned in this post] and I've got to say, I am not regretting my picks one bit! My only issue really is that both items are a size too big (samples mainly come in S = size 10), but at the same time, for the dress at least, I'm kind of liking the slight oversized-ness, so could be worse! ^^

-Philippa. x

PS.: as usual, for a 20% discount in the motel rocks online store, just use the code 'meowy' at checkout! =D

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Motel Rocks Sample Sale haul!~

Ahhh, I'm so excited that I get to do another haul post!! Coz you know what that means? New goodies, yayyy!

So last week, one of my all-time favourite brands, Motel Rocks, held another one of their super fabulous sample sales in London and this time, as a street team member, I was able to help make it all happen as a volunteer by getting all the clothes ready, assisting the showroom set up beforehand and helping run everything on the opening day itself.

As thanks for my hard work (12 grueling hours in total!), the Motel team kindly gifted myself and the other volunteers with some store credit, meaning... immediate shopping spree, wheee! And so, without further ado, here's all the stuff I got with said credit! x3

-original price = £22 (each)
-sample sale price = 2 for £10!

-original price = £40
-sample sale price = £15!

Motel Camilla Dress in Black
-sample sale price = £15!

Motel Jenna Crop Knit Jumper in Grey
-sample sale price = £10

Motel Kasha Bralet in Black
-sample sale price = £7 (2 for £10!)

-original price = £25 (current online sale price £20!)
-sample sale price = £7 (2 for £10!)


Total spent = £60
Total value = almost £200!

I must say, I was very lucky in the sense that most of the stuff I got is or was in my wish list at some point or other, so how cool is that? Just had to spend all my free time perusing through hangers and hangers to find it all... but, overall, the end rewards were definitely worth the aching wrists and feet!

For those of you who missed out on the sample sale this time and can't wait for a bargain to come by soon enough, fret not!, for just below this is a banner with a code which you can use at any time for a 20% discount on all* Motel Rocks purchases! Woooo, happy days for everyone! =D

-Philippa. x

*are sale items included? no idea; i've heard that they are but i've never actually tried myself, so... =/
PS.: oh, forgot to mention that i can also put this down as further work experience, so once again, yayyy! xD

Friday, 4 October 2013

Audacity is my middle name~

First things first: whatever you do, do NOT tell/show my mother! Or any other of my relatives! That is all.

Body - Motel Rocks
Headband - eBay
Socks - F&F @ Tesco

This photo was the result of a failed shoot. I had initially been trying to do a last-minute shoot for one more entry for an ASOS Fashion Finder competition featuring this Motel Rocks body, but it really did not go well... however, I really didn't want to waste the effort completely and was feeling a little brave and so decided on this rather risque shoot to follow!

My main objective was to show off the sexiness of my (at the time) newest leg garter in all it's glory, but I look absolutely hideous front-on, so everything ended up being taken of my profile, which is a shame for the garter. HOWEVER, if you want to see more of it and maybe even BUY it, the link to the etsy store I bought it from is above, so click click click!!

PS.: as usual, you can head over to my lookbook and/or chictopia (links at the side) to hype, like, favourite, comment on or whatever look if you dig it!

Monday, 30 September 2013

First time for everything...!~

I realise I've already posted once today, but just look at this- just LOOK AT THIS!

Editor's Choice page? Ohhh yeahhh!

I know it's quite a small thing to get all excited about, but come aaaaan! This is the first time anything I've done in the fashion-related world has been even in the slightest bit acknowledged, so wooo, I'll take it as an achievement any day!

The most awesome part about it as well, is that I had literally JUST signed up for What I Wore Today less than 24 hours ago and I've already managed to make a little impression, yay me!

-Philippa. x

PS.: find me on WIWT here! =D

Leg garters mini haul!~

A few posts ago I wrote about how I ordered some leg garters and had already received the Urban Outfitters one (debuted in this post) and was just waiting on the other two before I could make a post about them, and now that I have all of them, well, here it is!

As I just said, the first one I received was the Urban Outfitters one and I bought it more out of curiosity more than anything (that's the great thing about ebay - curiosity satisfied at little cost!), especially after seeing the way blogger Ashley J rocks hers on a regular basis. However, before I could even sample it, I discovered the Little Black Mess garter from and fell in love with it instantly! In my haze of absolute want for the darn thing, I bought it with only little hesitation, only to regret the amount of money I spent almost instantly. And how did I resolve that? By seeing if had anything cheaper to make up for it. Erm... what? xD

When I found the Hellosullivan shop there I was totally amazed by the variety and the affordability of everything! I wanted it all! It actually took me a while to buy this one, as I spent aaages deciding between like, 3 designs, though I probably wouldn't have minded had I chosen otherwise. This one was just the cheapest option. And did I mention that they're all made to order? Size-wise that is. How awesome is that? Totally affordable and made specifically for you!

So yeah, to wrap this up, though I'm struggling to find occasions to wear these beauties, I'm glad I have them (even if it did set me back like, £30), and will make sure you see more of them in future outfit posts!

-Philippa. x

PS.: also, did you notice my 'approved blogger' badge at the side? that's right, i am now an official blogger, woo!~

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My new dress is just so OH MY LOVEly!~

Dress - Oh My Love
Tights - F&F @ Tesco
Wedges -
Bowler hat - Take That merch store... xD

I have been wanting this dress since forever. Okay, well, maybe not forever, per se, but the moment I laid my eyes on it I was like "i must have it! it will be miiine!", so yeah, and now, after, what, over a year of lusting after it I have finally achieved my goal! Thank you very much, random eBay seller! ^^

The colour is just to die for and I have been meaning to get another velvet dress (my current collection consists of only 1 - a silver skater dress from Miss Selfridge) - BUT, not only that, but that collar! Oh my gah! How perfect is this dress?? I just... there are no words... =')

-Philippa. x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wannabe Vampire...?~

Top - Stables Market, Camden Town
Dress (worn as skirt) - Motel Rocks
Tights - Topshop
Necklace - Forever 21
Fascinator - Claire's Accessories
Garter - Urban Outfitters
Ring - eBay

This was the idea of my two little half-siblings. So, I casually put on some dark purple lipstick when one of them says to me "hey! you look like a vampire with that lipstick! but you're not wearing the right clothes and there's not enough make-up on your face..." The second that was said, I was reminded of this top given to me by my friend Theresa years ago and straight away started changing into what became the outfit above!

Once again, photo taken by my little 6 year old half-sister and I must say it's still not too shabby, especially for what totaled in at less than 5 minutes worth of effort on her part.

Oooh, and this was also the first time I got to wear my fascinator which I bought wayyy earlier this year from Claire's Accessories during an INSANE sale, which was super exciting for me as it had just been accumulating dust before. ^^

-Philippa. x

PS.: just over a day to go before my first batch of eBay listings end, so hurry on over to here before you miss out!!
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Monday, 16 September 2013

Desperate times, desperate measures + Buy my stuff!~

Dress - New Look
Scarf - Forever 21
Belt - Forever 21
Garter - Urban Outfitters
Tights - F&F @ Tesco
Ring - Forever 21
Spike headband - eBay
Wedges -

Admittedly, not the best OOTD shots I've ever had, but to be fair, they were taken by my 6 year old half-sister, so in actuality, they're really not that bad! Oh, and just fyi, the top pose was necessary; she couldn't fit all of me in the frame otherwise. ><"

So, this is the debut of my new leg garter which just arrived in the post today, and I was so wayyy excited that I just had to immediately get an outfit together just to show it off to the internet! I have actually ordered 2 others recently in varying styles, so when they arrive I'll be sure to make a post about them... so excited!

In other news, as my clothes collection is getting just a leetle bit out of hand, once again I shall be putting a portion of it up on eBay to clear up some space, as well as draw in a bit o' cash for the upcoming winter. ;D

You can find all my listings here, and for those of you who are in need of prompting here's a preview of some of my dear favourites that are up for grabs:

This is just the tip of the iceberg; I've got more stuff for girls, some stuff for guys, AND I will be putting more things up in the next few days! However if you don't want to miss out on these beauties in particular, then better make a move as they'll be gone in just over 4 days, so hurry!!

Lastly, I've also started listing things on the ASOS Marketplace and you can find my stuff here. I'll be adding more wonderful things on there once I've taken photos and everything, but for now, just have a look and if you like what you see then BUY IT. And if you're still on the ropes then let me help by presenting you with this limited time only 15% off discount code for anything in my ASOS shop! =D


-Philippa. x

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PPS.: stock images of clothes (the last 3 photos) were found via Google images and below to their original sites.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Too Sunny to Smile~

Top - Forever 21
Shorts - H&M
Tights - Claire's Accessories
Creepers -

In a way, it's kind of ironic how I'm posting this OOTD featuring too much sun, right when all of a sudden there seems to be not enough sun, and to be honest, I'm still deciding which I prefer.

As can be correctly assumed, these photos were taken AGES back when summer was in full swing and when I was struggling a fair bit to dress appropriately, though I don't think I did too badly with this outfit. My favourite item was the top which I got on sale at Forever 21 wayyy back. The material is really light (so super appropriate - finally!) and the criss-cross back detail is just the most awesome thing ever!

Now if only sunny weather wasn't so damn bright and hot...! ><"

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Throw The Goat gig review... finally!~ (04.07.2013)

Disclaimer: This review features subjective commentary which some might find somewhat harsh and/or rude. If you are easily offended by such things then please close this window now. Thank you.

They say patience is a virtue, but quite frankly, this is just ridiculous!

It's just as well I don't have writing gig reviews as a job, otherwise I'd have been fired 100x over for my insane and continual lateness. Yes, I realise this post comes TWO MONTHS after the fact, but I've been trying to motivate myself to write this as objectively as possible (you can ask bagel - she was witness to some of it!), though I must say, as you will soon see, I pretty much failed and have decided to stop stalling and just get it over and done with, SO, without further ado...

It is a consistent habit of mine to have high expectations of things, even when I realise that I'm jumping the gun a little, and with an imagination as wild as mine, it is no wonder I am almost always left disappointed when reality comes knocking. Not to say the entire evening was a total waste of time or anything, but there were definitely points where I was wondering why on earth I was there...

... FOR EXAMPLE, during the set of the first band, 'Spirits'. 

[Alex, Spirits]

Now ignoring all their blah blah Elliot Minor potential and what-not, I honestly feel that their set was below par, by any band's standards. It is always difficult to be the opening band and having the pressure of reeling in an already sceptical crowd, but I think they could have done a better job at it regardless. More crowd interaction and a more solid musical performance overall (sorry, but it's not an hour set, so cheating on those high and long notes is not excusable, alex) would have helped out on that front, but I suppose this was only their 2nd(?) ever gig (and they were even missing their bassist this time!), so they're still trying to 'find their groove' as it were, which is forgivable. I will also admit, that I was quite pleased with their performance of their song 'Unbreakable'; it was every bit as punchy live as it was the first time I heard it. All in all, while there is still a lot to improve on, I believe that, in time, they will be able to rise to the occasion.

The next band to play was called 'Serpico', who, just so you know, I have known about for a while and have even met on a couple of occasions but have always thoroughly dismissed without a second thought. Now, I hate to admit this, but other than my general distaste for the music, there is little fault I can make of their performance. From what I saw, they were the second most popular band of the night and I can kind of see why. Their set was energetic and well executed, the singer interacting well with the crowd and overall they really looked like the knew what they were doing. Even my extremely hard to impress companion (*ahem* isabel *ahem*) admitted to having been won over by the show they put on, so not bad guys, not bad.

 [Serpico and fans]


Second to last was 'The Bastard Sons'. I'm not really sure what to say about their performance, as about half way into their set the singer started rolling around on the floor, and though at first I thought that was his way of getting into the music, it later appeared to be something slightly more serious, so I can't really fault them for that. However, up until that point, all I can say is that their set was powerful. It was a huge contrast to the two previous bands and came as quite a shock to someone like me who wasn't sure what to expect, but served to be an extreme yet somewhat valid segue between the first and second half of the gig. I especially liked the 'light box' thing the singer would occasionally stand on which lit up when pressure was applied to it, as it definitely added to the drama of it all.

[The Bastard Sons]

Finally, we come to the final act of the night, 'THROW THE GOAT'! As expected, the closing band was the most popular of the night, and that really comes as no surprise as even I (who, shamefully, cannot admit to being much of a fan) found their set to be really quite enjoyable to watch! I was very surprised that, as such a young band, they were already so determined to cross water and invade the British music scene and was worried that they would not be too well received. Thankfully, I was wrong. I had initially anticipated (and please don't hate me for saying this) that a lot of their popularity would be riding on Brian's (lead guitarist) prior connection to Elliot Minor, but from the number of unfamiliar faces I saw that night, I am happy to report that that is not the case. Their performance exceeded my expectations and was very much the highlight of the night, both in terms of quality of performance and general professionalism (once again, a band who really knew how to entertain) and I even found myself at times distracted from my task of taking photos as I would occasionally stop to fully watch, wanting to take it all in. So basically... yeah, they put on a good show.

[Michael and Johnny, Throw The Goat]

[Brian, Throw The Goat]

[Throw The Goat]

And so ends my long awaited gig review. I am very sorry for dragging this out for so long, and imagine that any potential interest there may have been for its contents has been lost, but at the end of the day all I can say is, I tried, and every word that is written there, I meant 100% (yes, sadly, even the mean ones). I'd also like to say to anyone out there who has yet to listen to any of these bands or see them live, it's worth giving them a shot, even if I indirectly said they sucked or whatever. I'm just being an overly critical bitch. =P

-Philippa. x

PS.: i know i forgot to add my watermark to some of them, but just fyi, all these photos are property of me, so please no stealing, i worked very hard on them.
PPS.: sorry for the stupid half border on that last pic - i was using crappy free editting software! ><
PPPS.: also, sorry for the poor writing quality. i got so desperate to write something that i kind of forgot how to write at all!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

My brother says I'm trying too hard...~

Sunglasses - Forever 21
Body top - Motel Rocks
Denim shorts - River Island
Oversized shirt - Motel Rocks R&R (pretty sure that's 'revive and renew'? or something like that...)
Wellies - Cotswold

Just one photo this time. I'm currently in Norfolk and only have my (reluctant) brother to take photos, so yeah, didn't really have much time for many beautiful shots and what-not (unless, of course, i wanted to hear even MOAR of his mean comments on my posing!).

Anyway, this lovely ensemble of mine was put together as my entry for an ASOS Fashion Finder competition. The style criteria is 'festival fashion', and though I have never gone to a festival looking like this before, I imagine/hope this is the kind of thing they were going for. I mean, how out of place would I look as a metal festival looking like this? Far too much colour! xD

Jokes aside though, even though I'm pretty sure it won't do much, please spare a few seconds to give my entry a vote and in doing so make my day!

Oh yeah, and if you're on Chictopia, maybe you could drop by my profile and give some of my looks a vote/comment/favourite? Just a friendly suggestion... ^^

PS.: for those of you still eagerly waiting for my THROW THE GOAT gig review (*ahem* isabel *ahem*), i promise it is on it's way; just sorting out photos and fine details to go alongside it before posting! regardless... sorry for the unwanted suspense! ><

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Defying Summer, a.k.a. You Can Never Wear Too Much Black~

I am such a dork; just look at that stupid face and pose I'm making! There's no doubt in my mind that Ama shall be very upset with me using this particular photo for my 'opening statement', as it were, but whateverrr, there's nothing wrong with the photography, just my failed attempt at being funny. ANYWAY, moving on swiftly...

 Dress - Motel Rocks
Belt - Primark
Tights - New Look
Boots - F&F @ Tesco

I hate summer, I really do. I'm really into layering my clothes, so it's been quite a struggle to go against my nature and force myself to wear as little as possible. On top of that, I don't like to expose my legs at all, meaning I have to wear tights all the time, and I'm sure every girl out there knows that black tights + hot, hot sun = BURNING LEGS.

However, I must admit that I have been more prepared for this summer than any other in my life, which is good, and, yes, even though it is black, this dress from Motel Rocks is super perfect for such evil weather, being light, flowy, and just overall easy to breathe in (not to mention suuuper cute!). I also finally got the guts to wear my new-ish cat ears out, which was awesome, and though I got many strange looks from the public (kind of expected, duh), I just kept telling myself that it was my stunning fashion sense that grabbed their attention, so yay to my growing ego! ^^

-Philippa. x

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

I [heart] Camden Town~

Sunglasses - Forever 21
Cut out top - H&M
Denim shorts - River Island (via eBay)
Tights - Primark
Ankle boots - F&F @ Tesco (via eBay)

Photoshop and I will most likely never be friends, but as you can see the relationship is at least somewhat improving. Sort of.

Yesterday (04.07.2013) I was at a gig at one of my favourite venues of ever in one of my favourite parts of London ever, The Underworld in Camden. The place holds many fond memories for me and as I hadn't been there in about 4 years I was super excited about our reunion, but never mind about that for now as I'll be posting my review of the gig in the next couple of days...

I am questioning what possessed me to think that wearing heels on a day where I would have to be standing for about 4 hours was a good idea, and what made me all of a sudden become so brave as to wear a top that is almost see-through, but overall I think the suffering (from both physical pain and embarrassment) was somewhat worth it. Also, with a temperature peak of 24 degrees, the cut out sections were much appreciated in the end!

-Philippa. x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sonata Arctica gig review~ (17.04.2013)

Ahahaha, I'm over a month late, but whateverrr, better late than never, right? So enough with the delay, let's begin!

This was my first proper (i.e. non-acoustic) gig in over 2 years and the lucky band to have broken my hiatus was Sonata Arctica*, who, I must say, are one of the few bands I would ever have deemed worthy of such an honour. Much to my delight, they were gracing London's presence for the first time in 3 years in a lovely little venue in Highbury & Islington called The Relentless Garage and so with such a pleasant combination of wonderful band and wonderful venue, I had no choice to but to fall back into the routine that had once been like breathing to me.

The practice used to be something that was so normal to me, so much so that I would do it without a second thought, but being so out of practice made me notice just how bloody tiring it all is! Seriously, queuing for 10 hours, followed by having to stay upright and be squished against sweaty strangers for another 3-4 hours? Exhausting! Maybe I'm just getting old, but who knows...

Anyway, the first band to play was a band called Neonfly, a metal group hailing from London, UK. From what I can remember, they weren't all that bad, and I have to give them credit for effort. Their performance was filled with lots of energy, the songs were fairly catchy, and overall I'd say they were the better support of the night. I doubt I'll be seeing them again in the future, but from what I've read online, they've got some really good reviews and there's quite bit of hope for the young(ish) band, so I'd say they're worth giving a chance.

The second support band of the night, and seemingly the favourite from what I saw of the merch being donned by the odd attendee, was Pythia, a female-fronted metal band also from London, UK. Them, I didn't like so much. I suppose I have more of an opinion because they are closer to what I would normally listen, i.e., female-fronted, classically inspired metal, and so therefore I have more to compare them to, but even if that wasn't the case, their set was still pretty boring. The singing wasn't great, the performance was quite bland, and overall, they weren't particularly interesting or impressive, to the point where I was counting the minutes until they were done, or at all memorable. Sorry.

And then it was time for the main event... time for the Finnish metallers to shine... time for Sonata Arctica! Woo~! Ah, what can I say? This was my 4th time seeing them live and I must say, even though I was totally lost for about two-thirds of the gig (my own fault for not properly acquainting myself with their 2 most recent albums) I was also thoroughly reminded of why I loved gigs so much in the first place. With this band in particular, what I have loved ever since I first saw them perform in 2007 is their stage presence. The fact that they're genuinely lovely guys really shows through the way they are able to poke fun at themselves and interact with the crowd effectively. They command the stage with charisma and fill their performances with such fun, you can't help but enjoy yourself, and by the end of the night you leave feeling that your money was well spent and wanting more. Personally, I wish that they had played a more varied set, but regardless, I was content for the most part with the show, particularly their performance of 'Tallulah' and crowd favourite, 'FullMoon'.

Overall, I didn't regret going. Sure it was a huge effort, but the best things in life are worth breaking a sweat for, right? And when everything was said and done, the only thing I regretted was not bringing a camera with me to capture the night with.

 ... but at least I got this! xD

-Philippa. x

PS.: my first gig review in about 5 years! wowww... hope it wasn't too bad; let me know if i should do more of these in the future, how i could improve, etc., would be very helpful. ^^

*i would have linked their official website, but for some reason when i tried to go on it it crashed my internet, so yeah, just being cautious and linking their facebook page instead

Monday, 29 April 2013

I should stay away from Photoshop...~

Body - Motel Rocks
Denim shorts - New Look
Tights - F&F @ Tesco

Last time I posted an OOTD, I messed with the colours too much. This time, I don't even know what to say, I look like I'm glowing! That's it, no more Photoshop for me, ever. xP

This is actually one of the first times I wore this gorgeous Motel Rocks body that I got for Christmas from my friend Isabel, but with the weather finally starting to look up I figured might as well make the most of it! My friend Annie was a little shocked with how showy it is... but I love it, so whatever. ^^

I wore this outfit when I went to a gig a couple of weeks ago; I met the singer a couple of days prior at another gig and he asked me if I'd be interested in photographing it, and as I've been out of practice I figured, 'what the hey, might as well!'. He gave me a free ticket anyway, so no complaints here.

I actually meant to post this about a week ago but have been too busy editting the photos from the gig that I just ended up putting this off! I also have a review of the other gig to post, but it's been so long, so I'm kind of a little stuck with how to write a decent review... hopefully it'll be up by the end of the week though!

PS.: the band i went to photograph is called direvargs, btw. if you're into thrash metal and stuff like that, check them out! (felt mean for not properly mentioning them earlier, though i'll be honest, it's not really my thing... but never mind me, give them a go!)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Jewellery haul + Make-up review~

Right, with the internet as my witness, I solemnly vow to not spend any more money unnecessarily. Honestly, I think I have a real problem; I'm turning into whatsherface from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'!  But my craziness aside, time to reveal the stuff!

I have, since FOREVER, loved rings, and I know that there's already a post a while back showing a bunch of rings that I bought, but let's just ignore that for now...

I bought all of these from various eBay stores, all based in China, so had to wait approximately a month before I got all of them. I think they were all 99p, but I'm not sure... something like that. Out of all of them, I'd have to say the eternity symbol one is my favourite, because it feels to most well made. The 'free' ring on the far right is close second, as it fits really well and has a nicer tone than the other one so yeah. Nothing's tarnished or made my fingers go green yet, so as far as I'm concerned, so far so good!

I'm a little ashamed of this purchase, as it just proves that I can't escape the power of trends. Perhaps not so much this season, but quite recently jewelled cat ears had become quite a thing, probably thanks to people like Pixie Lott. I resisted for ages but then couldn't help myself and bought one off eBay. I mean, it was only £1-£2, so not much damage finance-wise. As it was coming to me from overseas, there was an obvious risk of damage along the way, and true enough, it arrived with an ear snapped off. Thankfully though, at no extra charge I was sent another, which thankfully arrived in one piece, so yay!  Despite what some might think, though it was bought from some random Chinese eBay store, the quality is not far behind that of Topshop or any other UK high street brand, so I'm quite pleased with myself. That's a good £6-ish I saved!

Now the make-up!

(left to right: 'Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate' in shade 04, 'Sleek True Colour' in Mulberry sheen, 'Sleek True Colour' in Vamp matte)

Last time it was eyeliners and mascaras and now it's lipsticks. Oh deary me, what next. I'm kind of annoyed as my skin tone greatly limits which shades suit me. My mother is fairer than me and she can pull of quite a variety, ranging from beige to brown to bright red to dark red. So not fair. So for the past year roughly, I have been on an epic quest to find the perfect lipstick for me at an affordable price. Sadly, I failed, so had to turn to 'real' brands for the answer. Actually, I lie, I found nice shades, but the quality was so bad that it always smudged onto my teeth or didn't spread nicely and basically looked like I just got a paintbrush and smeared some colour onto my lips. Badly. but then what did i expect from £2 lipsticks

ANYWAY, moving on, let's start with the cheaper one. I got the 'Sleek True Colour Lipstick' in two different shades: Mulberry (sheen) and Vamp (matte), both at £4.99. The quality of these lipsticks is really good and the colour lasts for practically the whole day. While I don't have a preference between the two, combining them makes a really lovely in-between colour that's not too sheen-y or too matte, which is, to me, just right. The variety of shades for this lipstick is huge and, as one of the cheaper options out there, is definitely worth a go. The 'Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate' lipstick, though not much more expensive at £5.49, felt a tad too pricey to me (i think it's all psychological), but I'd been wanting to try it out for a while so decided as a last splash to just go for it. I got shade number 04 and am very happy with it. It's a little lighter than the Sleek Mulberry lipstick, but is almost matte, so saves the hassle of having to combine lipsticks for the effect. Overall I'd say that though the variety is less than what Sleek has to offer, the Rimmel lipsticks are absolutely lovely and are true to their name (i.e. long lasting), so also worth a go.

And so ends another blog post. Hopefully I'll be able to stick to my earlier vow and the posts for the rest of the year will not be featuring any more hauls. My poor pocket can only take so much!

PS.: too much writing? if so, let me know with a comment so i know to fix that!
PPS.: i would have annotated the swatch images like last time with the eyeliners, but i have super limited internet so couldn't get on to the manipulation site. sad times.
PPPS.: haha! was too lazy to proof-read and just spotted a note i forgot to take out! it's fixed now, (though i'm sure many already spotted it) but silly me... xD

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Everyone's a critic... (reviews!)~

I need to stop, seriously. I have spent WAY too much money recently, and on stuff I really don't need more of. Like today, for example, I bought even MORE eyeliner and mascara, despite having already bought like £15 worth about 3 months ago. Anyways, I'd figure I'd put the unnecessary purchasing to good use and make a review of what I got, so here it is.

#1 - MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner - £2
#2 - Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner - £2.99
#3 - Beauty UK Lash-fx Extreme Volume Length + Lift Mascara - £2.49
#4 - Miss Sporty Lash Curving Mascara - £1.99

I'll start with the mascaras. I've tried both of them, granted, only for about 2 hours, but they both seem to be doing fine. In terms of application, I found the Miss Sporty mascara to be easier to use, but honestly, there wasn't much more of an issue with the Beauty UK one, so I'm just being nit-picky. There isn't a huge amount of difference in terms of visual lash length with either of them, but it's at least noticeable that mascara's on, so not bad for the price I say. On a side note though, I would recommend the Miss Sporty Lash Building Mascara, as it does have more of an effect on lash length and is still really affordable!

Now to the eyeliners. Because of my ridiculously folded lids, it's essential I get good quality eyeliner, otherwise the smudging is just hideous. BUT, at the same time, I'm on a tight budget, so yeah, not always easy to find quality at cheap prices... anyway, I'm not a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, so felt pen eyeliners for me are a huge relief where that's concerned. I've only tried one before from Rimmel (I think), and it was amazing, but so tiny and so expensive, so I figured I'd give the cheaper brands a shot, and here's what they look like on:

The first one is the one from MUA and I've got to say, it really reflected the cheap price in terms of its quality. I applied 5 strokes in this photo, by the way. It looks really watered down and doesn't really show up, so honestly, I would not recommend this eyeliner. Or their mascara either - the brush has bristles falling off! The Collection 2000 one is really good; it is bold after a single stroke, unlike the MUA one, and dries really quickly, so my lids don't have the smudging issue. Woo. Also it doesn't fade or come off too easily, so I think it could potentially last quite a while, though the claimed 24 hours is debatable.

Right, enough make-up, on to music. Uh oh. Okay, so, I've been debating with myself a bit as to whether or not I should even bother with this review, but I figure, eh, might as well. As many who know me even vaguely will know, one of my favourite bands of ever is a UK band called Elliot Minor. Sadly, however, they are on hiatus, or so we can assume / hope from their lack of activity for the last 2 years. Since then, drummer Dan Hetherton has already gone on to form a new band called 'The Dead Famous', but that's not who I'm going to be reviewing today. Instead, I will be talking about singer Alex Davies' newly unveiled project, 'Spirits'.

As you can see from the vandalized image above Spirits is made up of 3 members: (L-R) Bob, Alex, and Dan. On their Facebook page (click the image for the link) they cite their influences as being Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro, and Foo Fighters, to name a few. So, really quite different from Alex's previous band. Now, I really shouldn't do this, but I'm afraid it's going to get a little subjective here. I listened to a song of theirs called 'Sweet Dynamite' which they offer as a free download on their Facebook page via PledgeMusic, and I've got to say, I don't really like it. Okay, so I know I'm talking from an Elliot Minor fan point of view, but knowing the potential this band could have with Alex as their songwriter, it's really not that great. I played the track earlier to my brother, someone also familiar with Alex's earlier work, and he too was not impressed. "There's not even a guitar solo!", he stated, and that really does sum up the whole song. The verse doesn't really suit Alex's vocal aesthetic, the chorus is bland, the bridge is feeble and the overall content of the song is way too simple.

I realise that they're not going for an Elliot Minor-esque sound, but I'm quite familiar with the bands they list as their influences and even then they're lacking. They're lacking the Foo Fighter power, the Biffy Clyro drama and the uniqueness of Muse. Then again, I'm basing all of this on one 3+ minute song, so I may be proven wrong in time, but sadly, for now, I'm just not feeling it. I do, however, have hope, even if only because I know what Alex can do; that song ('All My Life') he wrote for 'Clement Marfo & The Frontline', though not really my thing, was extremely well written and well executed, so I guess I was kind of hoping he'd be able to pull out that same magic for his own band. Well, as I said before, I guess we'll just have to see as they release more stuff in the future.

Phew! That was long. Anyway, before I go, just wanted to quickly show off my new Motel Rocks banner and maybe even hint a little something to you... *hint hint*

-Philippa. x

PS.: Spirits' debut album will be available to pre-order via PledgeMusic on 1st February '13
PPS.: Not being mean and slating the band btw, just sharing my opinion! I totally urge you to go and check them out - the song is actually quite catchy (just not my thing...)!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Preston / London haul~

Not quite sure how this happened, but somehow I ended up spending most of my weekend shopping. Huh. Thankfully I didn't spend too much - I'd say somewhere just under the £40 mark (*cries*). But yeah, it all started out of boredom whilst wandering around Preston town center, and then a couple of days later moved onto London, where sadly, my pocket suffered the most, but oh well, all in the name of fashion I suppose... xD

So here's (for the most part) what I got:

Hello Kitty necklace - £2.50 (3 for £5 sale!) - Claire's Accessories
Hedgehog make-up pouch - £3 (3 for £5 sale!) - Claire's Accessories
Lollipop socks - free, early birthday pressie from Annie! - Topshop

Green tights - £1 - Topshop
Starry fishnet tights - £4 (3 for £5 sale!) - Claire's Accessories

Knitted ears hat - £3 - Topshop
'Cheeky Budha' teddy scarf/hat - £6 - Fusion Boutique

'Oh My Love' purple hi-low skirt - £10 - Topshop

I actually bought more stuff than this throughout the weekend, but as I haven't been home for 3 days and most of the other stuff was just gifts for Annie - who I already saw and gave them to earlier - I wasn't able to take pictures to show them off, so yeah... overall I'd say I got quite a bargain on my stuff, and everything was bought on sale, so woo, go me and my super awesome bargain hunting awesomeness! ^^