Sunday, 25 January 2015

Jewellery Haul!!~ (Black Moon, Noctua, Accessorize, etc.)

This post honestly would have come out sooner, had I not been a little too ambitious and attempted to actually make a haul video, but, then I realised that I don't have the editing software, memory space, etc., so that was a fail. Instead, I'll have to break up my rather formidable late-2014-early-2015 haul and we're gonna start with jewellery, woo!

So right at the end of December I decided to go a little crazy and buy myself a load of trinkets because, hey, why not actually get some Christmas presents for once, even if they're from me to me? And so I did!


These first items come from a site called Noctua, which I happened on by chance when I realised that most online stores for this kind of jewellery (think Druzy Dreams, Shop Dixi, Regal Rose, etc.), though super popular amongst bloggers, are just that tiny bit out of my price range.

All the items themselves are very reasonably priced and are just as lovely in person as they are in the photos. The piece I was most excited about was the 'Blandior' choker, and I am just loving it! ^^

Up next is this stunning choker by Black Moon and I absolutely adore this piece! It reminds me of the chokers by Regal Rose, and although I'm sure the quality is not quite on par, the Black Moon version is still a pretty awesome alternative at a fraction of the cost.

'Indian Princess' ring - £14
Star and Moon stacking rings - £15
Moonstone ring - £7 (approx.)
Wishbone ring - £12 (approx.)
Abalone shell ring - £14 (approx.)

I went a bit crazy when it came to rings because I had just become SO sick of buying rings from stores like H&M and Forever 21 and having my fingers turn green within a couple of hours of wearing them, SO, I felt it a reasonable investment to buy a bunch of sterling silver rings instead! The first two are from Accessorize and I'm a little annoyed to be honest because had I waited another couple of weeks I could have gotten them in the sale instead! Baka...

The other three I purchased from the Stables Market in Camden (an essential shopping stop when visiting london!) and I am sooo happy with these, you have no idea! The reason they all say 'approx.' after the prices is because I've forgotten how much they were all supposed to be seeing as how I haggled for better prices on all of them... but yeah, I'd been trawling through sites like Amelia May and Gemporia, but for the most part the rings I found were either too expensive or just weren't my style, so thank goodness for market haggling!

Luna necklace - £3.50

This lovely cresent moon necklace was an absolute steal at a mere £3.50 and I picked it up from an etsy store called The Moon Above. Most stores I've browsed through are selling almost identical pieces for anything from £8 to £18! Plus, the chain on this is silver plated, so I won't be having to worry about my neck going green any time soon! ^^

So that's all the jewellery I've been spending all ma money on recently. I'm really happy with everything that I've bought (so much so that I'm constantly tempted to buy more!) it's been really fun to have all these new things to layer and style with outfits. Yayyy.

-Philippa. x

PS.: sorry about the funny lighting. it's dark and my room light is not at all flattering or co-operative for photos! ><"

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Rewind, stop. Play.

Hat - River Island
Jumper -
Necklace - The Moon Above

Hi everyone! My name is Philippa, I'm 21 years old and I'm from London. I started this blog a while back on a whim of sorts and for a while was quite good at maintaining it. I then started to slack, however, due to lack of ideas, lack of material and lack of time. How sad. BUT, with the new year comes new beginnings and so here I am, ready to start over and begin again! Yayyy! For those of you that are new here, expect to find ramblings on fashion, music, make-up and how little money I have from spending on all of the above. Enjoy! ^^

-Philippa. x