Sunday, 16 July 2017

*insert excited squeals*... (KvD's MetalMatte palette!)~

I'm pretty sure I mentioned a while back that I was sooo lusting after this palette, and guess what... I FINALLY HAVE IT! OMG HOORAY!! xD*

It feels almost pointless talking about this palette now, seeing as how it has long since been discontinued due to it being a limited edition piece, but I'm gonna talk about it anyway, as a) it's awesome and I'm so excited to finally have it, b) it might help give a little insight into Kat's other eyeshadow palettes, and c) it technically might still exist?!

The MetalMatte palette was originally released via Sephora sometime late last year and reached the UK a couple of months later (i think around december maybe?). It was briefly available via Debenhams, but is no longer on sale online, though I will say, I have seen the palette still in their flagship store on Oxford Street recently...

The palette retailed at £50 and if you have a look at the size (thus, the macbook air for scale) and the amount of product you get in this thing, you'll see that it was actually quite the bargain! 

Beautiful, isn't it?**

As you can see, on the top is a row of Kat's Metal Crush eyeshadows (pretty sure this selection is exclusive to the palette, but other individual colours are available at debenhams!) and the bottom consists of matte shadows, hence, the palette's name. While I haven't played around with this palette very much, I will say from swatching previously in-store, swatching randomly over the last week and having tried it out for the first time earlier today... wow, this palette is flipping amazing!

(apologies for the funny lighting; i didn't have a lot of time and the sun was playing games with me!!)

The eyeshadows are super pigmented, easy to blend, and so far seem to be pretty long-wearing (i'm writing this after having worn these shadows for about 10 hours), and the selection covers so much ground that it feels nearly impossible to choose which colours to play with first!

Honestly, it might be early days, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say, if you love eyeshadow and happen upon this palette, don't hesitate, just snap it up immediately! And if this palette really is gone for good and never to be seen again, no worries, as KvD does have other palettes available that are (apparently) just as amazing! Goodness knows that I should be satisfied now that I have this bad boy, but silly me, I'm still chasing after the Shade and Light quad in 'Sage' too!! Help!

Philippa. x

*in case you're wondering, btw, i bought this via and had family send this over, as it was released a little later there so i had a little more time to snag it, SO, might be worth checking other international sephoras...?
**and might i also add that this thing is not light?! those are not some half-filled pans!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hide and seek...~

Dress - Dresslink
Belt - Boohoo
Harness - etsy (@modministrymerch)
Boots - Topshop

Photo credit - Mac Honeyman

This shoot was a weird one. Very weird.

I don't really know what possessed me to dress up like this, other than that it was really hot out and for some reason I put on wayyy too much make-up and so figured, why not go all out 'wtf'? Sure, it might not look all that crazy here, but let me tell you, it's the pics that didn't make the cut that tell the story of how this basic look was actually just that little bit too much! Maybe I'll post some in like a bloopers post one day...

However, I do like this outfit; the boots are my favourites, the dress is lovely and light (and the closest i'll ever get to owning a blackmilk piece, seeing as how it's a knock-off and all...) and the belt always makes me feel cool and feminine and super skinny, even though I'm totes not! ^^

AND, best of all, despite wearing all black, I was not completely roasting! Win! Still not sure about that hair though - what should I do?!? xP

Philippa. x

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Contrasting Comfort~

Top - Motel Rocks
Dress - Motel Rocks
Shoes - Irregular Choice

Photo credit - Ama Charles-Adarkwa

Hoho, what's this? Three posts in three consecutive weeks?? Did Philippa get fired from her job and suddenly have free time for her blog??? Jokes aside, I figured it was about time for another OOTD post, as it has been a hot minute since my last, no?

Though you'd never guess it from these photos, the main part of this look was meant to be the shoes, i.e. I dressed for the shoes. Did it really work out? As an outfit, yeah, I guess, but for the photos? Nahhh, sadly not, as much to Ama's annoyance, any time we got a good shot of the shoes, my top half was being silly, but oh well! You get the gist though, right? And even though it was kinda doomed to fail from the start, I reaaaally wanted to wear these shoes for the first time since, like, ever, as I really don't have any occasion to ever wear them (and they're not exactly 'everyday' shoes, are they?), so... yeah! That happened...

Also, on a kinda unrelated note, I really need a haircut, don't I? I was thinking of just going full goth and finally dying it black when I give it the chop in the next month or so, what do you think? Full on darkness or should I retain some sort of colour, let me know!

Philippa. x