Saturday, 1 December 2012

There's No Place Like Home~

Oh dear. It seems I have fallen one step further to the dark side. So, I know I said this wasn't going to be like a fashion blog or whatever, but meh, what the hey, the poser and show off in me just couldn't resist, and I'm afraid that this entry will be the first of many containing outfits of the day (though it won't be every day, mind you, i haven't the time, motivation, or the clothes to pull that off!), so here it is I guess:

Coat - H&M 
Jumper - White Stuff 
Dress (worn as a top) & Denim Shorts - Topshop via eBay  
Tights - New Look 
Boots - F&F @ Tesco via eBay

 Cardigan - White Stuff 
Dress - Topshop via eBay 
Tights - La Redoute 
Boots - F&F @ Tesco via eBay 
Alice band - Claire's Accessories

So, these were my outfits for my 2 day trip to London. Apologies for the first photo, but my face was just too hideous and I couldn't bear letting the world see it. Oh, and apologies for the second photo as well, I was just being silly there. I must say, for the first time in ages I was actually quite happy with my entire ensemble, which is a huge plus for my self-esteem / ego, though at the cost of my legs taking a beating from this harsh, British winter. ><"

Note, also, the first photo, in which you see that I gave into my mother's pressuring and bought for myself the White Stuff jumper from my wish list. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to buy stuff from my own wish list but I was too paranoid it was going to sell out in my size, so I couldn't let it get away! Sadly, it's not as warm as I'd hoped (which was a little silly of me anyway, as white stuff clothing is so rarely warm in the slightest) but the concept is cute and I guess for now that's good enough for me (don't really want to complain too much after paying £41 approx. for it either... and that's WITH a discount as well!!).

-Philippa. x

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