Sunday, 27 January 2013

Preston / London haul~

Not quite sure how this happened, but somehow I ended up spending most of my weekend shopping. Huh. Thankfully I didn't spend too much - I'd say somewhere just under the £40 mark (*cries*). But yeah, it all started out of boredom whilst wandering around Preston town center, and then a couple of days later moved onto London, where sadly, my pocket suffered the most, but oh well, all in the name of fashion I suppose... xD

So here's (for the most part) what I got:

Hello Kitty necklace - £2.50 (3 for £5 sale!) - Claire's Accessories
Hedgehog make-up pouch - £3 (3 for £5 sale!) - Claire's Accessories
Lollipop socks - free, early birthday pressie from Annie! - Topshop

Green tights - £1 - Topshop
Starry fishnet tights - £4 (3 for £5 sale!) - Claire's Accessories

Knitted ears hat - £3 - Topshop
'Cheeky Budha' teddy scarf/hat - £6 - Fusion Boutique

'Oh My Love' purple hi-low skirt - £10 - Topshop

I actually bought more stuff than this throughout the weekend, but as I haven't been home for 3 days and most of the other stuff was just gifts for Annie - who I already saw and gave them to earlier - I wasn't able to take pictures to show them off, so yeah... overall I'd say I got quite a bargain on my stuff, and everything was bought on sale, so woo, go me and my super awesome bargain hunting awesomeness! ^^

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