Sunday, 11 August 2013

My brother says I'm trying too hard...~

Sunglasses - Forever 21
Body top - Motel Rocks
Denim shorts - River Island
Oversized shirt - Motel Rocks R&R (pretty sure that's 'revive and renew'? or something like that...)
Wellies - Cotswold

Just one photo this time. I'm currently in Norfolk and only have my (reluctant) brother to take photos, so yeah, didn't really have much time for many beautiful shots and what-not (unless, of course, i wanted to hear even MOAR of his mean comments on my posing!).

Anyway, this lovely ensemble of mine was put together as my entry for an ASOS Fashion Finder competition. The style criteria is 'festival fashion', and though I have never gone to a festival looking like this before, I imagine/hope this is the kind of thing they were going for. I mean, how out of place would I look as a metal festival looking like this? Far too much colour! xD

Jokes aside though, even though I'm pretty sure it won't do much, please spare a few seconds to give my entry a vote and in doing so make my day!

Oh yeah, and if you're on Chictopia, maybe you could drop by my profile and give some of my looks a vote/comment/favourite? Just a friendly suggestion... ^^

PS.: for those of you still eagerly waiting for my THROW THE GOAT gig review (*ahem* isabel *ahem*), i promise it is on it's way; just sorting out photos and fine details to go alongside it before posting! regardless... sorry for the unwanted suspense! ><

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  1. like the outfit and also wellies:)