Friday, 4 October 2013

Audacity is my middle name~

First things first: whatever you do, do NOT tell/show my mother! Or any other of my relatives! That is all.

Body - Motel Rocks
Headband - eBay
Socks - F&F @ Tesco

This photo was the result of a failed shoot. I had initially been trying to do a last-minute shoot for one more entry for an ASOS Fashion Finder competition featuring this Motel Rocks body, but it really did not go well... however, I really didn't want to waste the effort completely and was feeling a little brave and so decided on this rather risque shoot to follow!

My main objective was to show off the sexiness of my (at the time) newest leg garter in all it's glory, but I look absolutely hideous front-on, so everything ended up being taken of my profile, which is a shame for the garter. HOWEVER, if you want to see more of it and maybe even BUY it, the link to the etsy store I bought it from is above, so click click click!!

PS.: as usual, you can head over to my lookbook and/or chictopia (links at the side) to hype, like, favourite, comment on or whatever look if you dig it!

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