Sunday, 13 September 2015

Once in a blue moon...~

Denim shorts - £5 (on sale!) - H&M
Denim jacket - £18 - Primark
Leather boots - £54.50 (on sale!) - Irregular Choice
Yes, once in a blue moon I manage to find the time (and the help) to actually take some photos for a bloody post! Gasp! Maybe if I spent a little less money on clothes and jewellery I might actually be able to afford a self-timer so that I can take pictures by myself...

But excuses aside, this post is mainly to show that I am still determined to keep this thing alive and to push myself (again) to try even harder, dammit! (and also to show off some of my latest goodies!)

So yeah, hopefully there won't be any more huge gaps between posts from now on, but just in case there are... sorry blogspot, I swear I haven't given up on you!! ><"

-Philippa. x

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