Saturday, 1 July 2017

Contrasting Comfort~

Top - Motel Rocks
Dress - Motel Rocks
Shoes - Irregular Choice

Photo credit - Ama Charles-Adarkwa

Hoho, what's this? Three posts in three consecutive weeks?? Did Philippa get fired from her job and suddenly have free time for her blog??? Jokes aside, I figured it was about time for another OOTD post, as it has been a hot minute since my last, no?

Though you'd never guess it from these photos, the main part of this look was meant to be the shoes, i.e. I dressed for the shoes. Did it really work out? As an outfit, yeah, I guess, but for the photos? Nahhh, sadly not, as much to Ama's annoyance, any time we got a good shot of the shoes, my top half was being silly, but oh well! You get the gist though, right? And even though it was kinda doomed to fail from the start, I reaaaally wanted to wear these shoes for the first time since, like, ever, as I really don't have any occasion to ever wear them (and they're not exactly 'everyday' shoes, are they?), so... yeah! That happened...

Also, on a kinda unrelated note, I really need a haircut, don't I? I was thinking of just going full goth and finally dying it black when I give it the chop in the next month or so, what do you think? Full on darkness or should I retain some sort of colour, let me know!

Philippa. x

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