Monday, 30 September 2013

Leg garters mini haul!~

A few posts ago I wrote about how I ordered some leg garters and had already received the Urban Outfitters one (debuted in this post) and was just waiting on the other two before I could make a post about them, and now that I have all of them, well, here it is!

As I just said, the first one I received was the Urban Outfitters one and I bought it more out of curiosity more than anything (that's the great thing about ebay - curiosity satisfied at little cost!), especially after seeing the way blogger Ashley J rocks hers on a regular basis. However, before I could even sample it, I discovered the Little Black Mess garter from and fell in love with it instantly! In my haze of absolute want for the darn thing, I bought it with only little hesitation, only to regret the amount of money I spent almost instantly. And how did I resolve that? By seeing if had anything cheaper to make up for it. Erm... what? xD

When I found the Hellosullivan shop there I was totally amazed by the variety and the affordability of everything! I wanted it all! It actually took me a while to buy this one, as I spent aaages deciding between like, 3 designs, though I probably wouldn't have minded had I chosen otherwise. This one was just the cheapest option. And did I mention that they're all made to order? Size-wise that is. How awesome is that? Totally affordable and made specifically for you!

So yeah, to wrap this up, though I'm struggling to find occasions to wear these beauties, I'm glad I have them (even if it did set me back like, £30), and will make sure you see more of them in future outfit posts!

-Philippa. x

PS.: also, did you notice my 'approved blogger' badge at the side? that's right, i am now an official blogger, woo!~


  1. I ordered some bits from Hellosullivan yesterday, I can't wait for them to arrive. I'm interested to see how you style these. Followed you on bloglovin' xo

    1. Hey! Thanks for the follow! Will you be featuring the stuff you got on your blog? I'd love to see! x